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- Business

Hyrax - created for the British climate come rain or shine.

Installing a Hyrax system will reduce your energy consumption and significantly reduce your carbon emissions.

These systems improve your company image by employing renewable technology. If your business is in a rural location that relies on oil or LPG, the payback on your investment in Hyrax is very short indeed. In some cases payback can be 3 years. This is a very attractive proposition for many businesses looking to reduce their energy costs.

- Domestic

Do something for the environment - fit a Hyrax system.

Fossil fuels damage the atmosphere and affect our climate by destroying the ozone layer.

The more we can do to reduce this, the better for us now and for future generations. Hyrax technology will provide “on demand” hot water and will warm your home more effectively than any other renewable source. It can be retro fitted to most existing radiator systems and is especially effective with underfloor heating. If you have a swimming pool, Hyrax can heat your pool in summer and your house in winter.

- Installers

Build a substantial, sustainable business with Hyrax.

Renewable technology is a rapidly growing business. By becoming an accredited Hyrax installer you are investing in your future.

This is exciting technology that will enable you to build a substantial business. Hyrax can be as big a business as you wish because it is scalable. The range extends from a single solar panel supplying a domestic hot water cylinder, through to space heating, swimming pools and wide range of commercial applications from education, leisure, defence, government, in fact anywhere that requires substantial volumes of hot water.

Case Studies.

A commercial project for the Ministry of Defence

This project is new training centre for the MOD built on one side of a WW2 aircraft hangar. There are two separate Hyrax systems installed on this building. A HXS28 (Hyrax Star 28 panel system with a 400 litre buffer vessel supplying 500m² of water based underfloor heating. The design, supply and installed the underfloor heating was also part of our scope of works.

In addition to the HXS28 system, we also provided a HXAQ2 (Hyrax Aqua 2 panel) system for the domestic hot water. This comprises a 500 litre stainless cylinder with a separate stand -alone heat pump.

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